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The technology marketing hype-machinery has been in full swing for a while now and every company from small mom & pop shop to Fortune 500 corporation is trying to figure out how to leverage “the cloud”.

Everyone knows that having your iPhone pictures stored away from your phone is a really neat thing because if you lose your phone they magically re-appear again, thanks to Apple’s iCloud!

But things get a lot more complicated when you talk about entire suites of business applications being cloud enabled.

Many large corporations are busy rolling out public and private cloud offerings but the applications in these companies are nowhere near ready to run on cloud enabled infrastructures, and the teams supporting these applications do not have the know-how to “cloud enable” their applications.

The cost effectiveness of “the cloud” relies on cheap commodity hardware which means that applications that run on top of a cloud-enabled infrastructure need to be fully capable of shifting processes and data from server to server at any point in time.

Companies that expect to just take their generic three tier application from 2002 and migrate it to a cloud-like infrastructure might be in for a rude awakening (or a very under-utilized cloud).

Did you know that AWS just shuts down any server they suspect to be hacked? What would happen if your application’s hosts got randomly shut down? (due to whatever reason)

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