twemproxy & Redis Quickstart

Running twemproxy and Redis locally for testing in this configuration:


Get started with twemproxy:

$ git clone
$ cd twemproxy
$ autoreconf -fvi
$ ./configure --enable-debug=log
$ make

Using the following config file located in conf/dual-redis.yml:

  hash: fnv1a_64
  hash_tag: "{}"
  distribution: ketama
  auto_eject_hosts: false
  timeout: 400
  redis: true
   - server1
   - server2

Start the 2 Redis servers:

$ ./redis-server --port 7777
$ ./redis-server --port 8888

Start twemproxy:

$ ./nutcracker -c ../conf/dual-redis.yml -v 11

Try connecting to twemproxy with the redis client:

$ ./redis-cli -p 22122
redis> set key1 value1
redis> get key1

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