VMware Workstation Disappoints

Update: This has since been fixed

Just when I was considering migrating our development infrastructure to VMware Workstation I came across an issue that killed the idea. I was getting quite excited about the idea of using the product as a cost effective solution to emulate multi-tier development environments but as I installed a few things and played around, I realized VMware Workstation doesn’t support multicast traffic between the virtual machines. At first I thought I must be doing something wrong but searching their support forums quickly confirmed the issue. So in my eyes VMware Workstation got downgraded to a nice little tool that allows you to play around with another OS or run a few programs that you couldn’t have run otherwise, but unfortunately not ready to be what I had hoped (which is a shame because it is an otherwise great product and as soon as they figure out how to support multicast, I will be right back to look at it again). ESX supports multicast but costs 10 times more so whether it is cost effective for development or not, will require more analysis.

Update: Tried version 6.5 and multicast tests passed with bridged networking. ESX is now free but still requires a dedicated box.

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